Tuesday 9 July 2024

A missed opportunity and dealing with expiry

 So while I was away there was a brief sale in the NES that allowed you to get a years multi character training for free with a years PLEX. This made skill farming suddenly very profitable, and a number of people jumped on it. Alas, I was hundreds of miles from my PC so I missed out.

What I can take advantage of though is the effects of this on the market. As a lot of people bought PLEX to buy this deal the price of PLEX has spiked a bit. I was about to sell all my holdings for 5.4mil but it'd fallen back a little by the time I got online. I'll hold off and keep a close eye on this for now. I'd expect the price to fall back a bit as a lot of big spenders have made their PLEX purchases for a while so demand should drop a bit. If buys drop to 5mil or below I'll probably snap some more up and sell if it hits 5.4 again.

The other effects of this are on extractors/injectors. As more people are skill farming now the demand for extractors has skyrocketed, and the price has to boot. I don't want to pile in here as I'd expect CCP to drop a real money sale on extractors sooner than later to counteract the skyrocketing price, but I've put a buy order up for 10 to see if I can make a quick flip on them. 

Large skill injectors however I'd expect to steadily fall in price over the near/mid term at least. With that in mind I've sold mine off for 910 mil and will look to pick some more up when I feel it's bottoming out. Not a massive profit on those but better to cash in and put that capital elsewhere than hold for potentially months for a larger profit.

Order Expiry

So, I've been back in the game for a little over 3 months now. Part of my attempt not to burn out, and also because adjusting sell orders is costly, is that I tend to put up sell orders at sensible prices and leave them. This means that across my accounts today I've had a few items per character expiry and I've had to relist them. Next time I'll try to remember to adjust them with a few days to go as this is cheaper than relisting. There is one notable exception however, Tash-Murkon:

 Oh dear.
It actually worse than 46Bn but that's the in game valuation. Tash-murkon has been terrible since I rejoined, but I wonder if the market has simply changed in my absence. I almost contracted this all to my amarr seller for him to cash out with these items, but I think what I will do instead is take a leaf out of my sobaseki playbook. I'm going to relist these items and in addition I'm going to ship over some lower end items, modules, learning implants, rigs etc. and see if building a more well rounded market will attract customers. We will see.

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